Our Team

The Open Awards are being built by:

Brian Russell

Brian has 15 years of experience running community projects and as systems administrator at Can Masdeu and is a team member of Collaction. Based in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Lena Kolbe

Lena has a background in audiovisual communications. She has worked in documentary project management in France and Germany, and now works in documentary and translation in Barcelona, Spain.

Sadik Shahadu

Sadik is an Open Advocate, a website designer and a digital marketer. He is a member of PMI, Wikimedia Ghana UG and CC Ghana chapter. He has over 4 years working experience in community project management.

Alfred García

A specialist in software development and engineering, Alfred is passionate about free software and the philosophy of open source. Learning, crafting, and tech are the main reasons he enjoys software development.

Pere Picornell

Pere believes that collaboration is the only way of achieve technological advances for society. You will find him skating in Sants, developing or contributing to social movements.