Our Roadmap

Open Awards started in 2018, and we’ve done a great deal of research, market research and fundraising.

Platform: The awards platform is being built by the developers of If you’d like to be involved as a tester, get in touch!

Internationalisation: we are still translating the website into other languages, if you’d like to see the website in your language, get in touch!

Legal framework: We are a platform cooperative still in formation. There are few (if any) platform cooperatives in Spain, so we are investigating the legal hurdles involved in creating a services cooperative, which can support our user’s needs. We may decide to form a foundation, as this may prevent our members from having to pay taxes on the donations given to other creators. All of our operations are transparent and all of our documentation, including our organizational structure and finances, is public.

Video explaining project: based on the market research, the scriptwriter will write a script, and work with the production team ( to shoot the video, record voice-overs, create the necessary animation and edit the video. The video will have voice-over in English and subtitles in other languages.