What if I just want to share my work without receiving monetary compensation

Great! By offering your works for free, you can use the award money you won to vote for other artists, journalists, programmers, or others contributing to the commons, as well as charities.

Can I nominate my work for an award

If you licensed your work under an open license, yes, you can! If you are the author or know who the author is, and know that the work is licensed under CC, you can nominate the work for an award!

How does it Work

Let’s say OpenAwards launches an award for “Best Crime Novel.” There will be 50 books as contenders for the vote, but any other author or fan can add new ones to the list! The voting campaign will last 4-6 months, and fans and users vote for their favourite crime authors with a sum as little as 1€! At the end of the campaign we announce the winners at an amazing event in Barcelona. Each user can attend, and each author will cash in his votes! The giving cycle continues as we start a new campaign. 

What kind of work is eligible for nomination

The open awards are for works that are both published under an open license and are available for public download (open access).  In practice, this means either a Creative Commons license or some other kind of open license like the GPL and works that are freely downloadable from a known archive site like or the PLOS.