As a supporter of the commons, you take pleasure in the growing world of digital sharing, free from paywalls or imposed scarcity. You want to freely give and reuse the works you love. And you want the best artists to get the recognition they deserve.

Let everyone know what you love

Be proud – by voting in the Open Awards, you lend your voice in a democratic process for recognizing the best of the commons. By taking part, you will you stay up to date with the best and trending works in the commons, and display what you like to others.

Give back to the best artists

By voting, you help bring recognition to your favourite artists, and pay them to continue creating. In order to vote you will pay a small donation. Every artist you vote for will get your payment, regardless of whether they win.

Help create a world of open access

By voting in the Open Awards, you are contributing to the dream of a world with free access to culture. What gets rewarded is what people feel is important to share, not what corporations sell or advertise the most.  The cumulative sum of each of us choosing what’s best will create the first user-curated showcase of open culture. Find what’s best, right away – No more endless searches for free license works!

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