Are you a creator sharing digital content freely with your fans? We want you to get recognition and money you deserve!


Each year, we will announce the winners of specific categories, like 2019: Best Children’s Book or Best Hip-Hop song.  By nominating your works and encouraging your fans to vote, you will have a chance to be among the best of the commons!

Get paid!

We want artists who share to thrive! The open awards will bring a novel source of income to artists who don’t keep their work behind paywalls. All entrants for a prize will get to keep the income from their votes, even those who come in last! Best of all, it is compatible with other sources of income, such as crowdfunding and Patreon, but doesn’t require extra work!

Be proud!

Some professional artists are reluctant to use Creative Commons, a label they feel is synonymous with mediocre. We hope to change all of that by creating a commons which self-curates: Creators will encourage fans to vote for them, and fans are just that – fanatics – who will feel compelled to vote when they see other works in the running to win an award. As the open awards grow in recognition, this will attract the best talent, which will attract more fans, in a reinforcing cycle, accelerating the growth of sharing.

Reuse your votes!

As a creator, the platform will be free for your use. You can reuse votes you receive from your fans to support other artists.